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13 May

A Malibu Engagement Session

Amanda + Matt – A Malibu Engagement Session

There is nothing more special about inspiring others than to be inspired by those who you inspire. Makes sense? This is how I feel every time I get a submission from a bride! I feel special, I feel the love and I enjoy seeing the beautiful photos where all those happy moments were captured. Today, I share with you all this beautiful engagement in Malibu Beach, California. Amanda + Matt a very in love couple!

No hay nada más especial que ser inspirado por las personas que tu inspiras. Tiene sentido? Así es como me siento cada vez que recibo un correo de una novia con hermosas fotos de su compromiso o boda; compartiendo momentos especiales y llenos de alegría. Hoy, les comparto las fotos de compromiso de Amanda + Matt, una pareja joven y enamorada en la hermosa playa de Malibu en California. 



Amanda + Matt

From the bride:
I know other people say this, but I’m so overwhelmingly lucky to have found Matt. He is truly my other half. Since our first date, I’ve been telling my closest friends and family that he’s literally the male version of me. We enjoy the same things. We laugh at the same things. We order the same thing when we go out to eat. Every. Single. Time. He knows me as well as I know myself.

Amanda + Matt

It was only a few weeks into dating that he sent me a message that said, “You are the one I’ve been waiting for. The one I always hoped I would find but never thought I would. The one I always made wishes for but never thought they would come true. I see everything with you… marriage… kids… grand-kids… growing old together and living an amazing life.” We knew from the start that we had something special that would build into a beautiful life together and now that dream is coming true. We are blessed.
Photographer | Jana Williams | Bride | Amanda, Fashion Blogger |
Paola Monroy