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12 Oct

Christos Costarellos – SS2016 Collection

Christos Costarellos brings Romanticism and Bohemian vibes during #nybfw

The Costarellos Bride is a romantic-chic personality, inspired by the bohemian and hippie influences of our time.

The collection combines traditional moulage techniques with luxurious materials, such as French embroidery and silk, harmonized with elegant cuts and transparencies.

Each piece is a blend of soft, delicate fabrics, featured with high quality and artistry. Unique kinds of lace are splendidly composed and layered in a truly stylish way.

Apart from the timeless elegant style, for which the designer is known for, he has included, two-piece looks, loose crop tops and ethereal skirts into the Collection, incorporating elements of everyday life into the bridal look.

BR16-10 BR16-11 BR16-20 BR16-21 BR16-22 BR16-27 BR16-31 BR16-34-SKIRT--BR16-41-DRESS BR16-36-TOP--BR16-36-SKIRT BR16-37 BR16-38 BR16-39 BR16-42-TOP--BR16-43-SKIRT BR16-46 BR16-47 BR16-48 BR16-49 BR16-51 BR16-52-SKIRT---BR16-82-TOP BR16-53 BR16-55 BR16-65


 “My Creative process forms a bridge that connects elements from the past, making them relevant to the present as they project ideas for the future.”  – Christos Costarellos

Paola Monroy