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1 Sep

The Wedding Planner Guide

The Wedding Planner Guide to plan your own wedding in one year.

As a wedding stylist I frequently get questions from friends and brides-to-be for any advice on how to plan their own wedding and save money at the same time. For this, I am sharing with you a one year “The Wedding Planner Guide” a guideline that can be helpful to follow during your wedding planning process., with a 12 month breakdown for all the duties to follow.

Hiring a wedding planner can be pricey, specially if your budget is limited or your wedding is not big enough to call for help. Yet, weddings can be very stressful, the planning can become a headache and that’s the moment when brides become bridezillas. A wedding is to be enjoyed and stress-free, from the engagement to the planning you need to enjoy this very special time. Social media is a big helper nowadays, where you can find inspirations, vendors, dresses, and more in one place.

Feel free to email me if you need suggestions, or just if you have any questions.. I am here to make you feel much better and help the planning go smoothly.

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Paola Monroy