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14 Sep

Taliana Vargas – A Magical Wedding


October 2014, I received a message from Taliana Vargas letting me know she got engaged to her now husband Alejandro Eder, and wanted me to help  her find a dream wedding dress. She flew to NYC as I had a few appointments set for her to try on dresses. The whole experience was magical; seeing her in all these beautiful dresses was enchanting. Her natural beauty was embraced by love, happiness and the illusion of finding the perfect dress.

Taliana had mentioned to me how she loved one of the dresses from the new Spring 2015 collection by Carolina Herrera , which was launched a month before during fashion week. Immediately, I made an appointment with CH Boutique in the search of this particular gown. As we arrived, Taliana tried on a few bridal gowns that were simply gorgeous, but did not meet her expectations. We showed a photo to the sales manager of the dress Taliana wanted from the new collection but they did not have it since it was traveling to a trunk show in Massachusetts.

It was a long day and we had one more appointment to go, I remember we were exhausted from all the commute. We arrived to our last appointment and so she began to try on more and more dresses. She looked beautiful in all of them but we were a bit sentimental because she did not get to try on the Carolina Herrera gown she wanted. As the appointment goes, I received an email from the sales manager at CH Boutique. My heart literally stopped!

Hello Paola, Please call me, I have a big surprise: I was able to locate the Spring 15 runway gown for her.

It is a special request I made.
I could get here today.
Please call me!!!Alena Williams
Carolina Herrera Boutique 
As soon as I let Taliana know about the great news we immediately left the appointment and took a cab to CH Boutique. We couldn’t believe it! The gown was there waiting for her; she tried it on and it was all smiles…
Taliana Vargas
August 15, 2015; Taliana + Alejandro got married in Hacienda La Rita a countryside home in Cali, Colombia. Family and friends were witnesses of this magical and enchanting wedding. Inspired by the beautiful lands, horses and nature. Seeing Taliana on her dream wedding dress, looking radiant and happy brought tears to my eyes. Knowing that I helped her together with her Sister Ana Laura, Paola Ovalle and Kimberly, a friend of hers.
Here are some photos of Taliana by the Colombian fashion photographer Andres Oyuela (@oyuelaphoto)

By Andrea Saieh deisgner of Ana Laura Vargas’ dress.


Designing and making this dress for Ana Laura was a very exciting and exhilarating experience. Paola connected us in July, when Ana was looking for the perfect dress to wear for her sister’s wedding. On our first meeting, Ana and I both decided what the silhouette and design details for the dress would be. Due to time constrains, I took her measurements, and we chose the final fabrics that same day.



Two weeks. That’s all we had in our hands to make this dress happen. Once Ana chose the design she liked the most, out of the different options I gave her, I began to work right away. The style lines I used when draping the shape of the dress reflect the geometry of an orchid. The dress has no traditional seams, which is a common detail in many of my designs. I like to create style lines that wrap around the body, reflecting my inspiration, in this case, the orchid. (Orchids have always been a big part of my life as an artist, and when Ana mentioned that the wedding was going to be filled with them, and that she loved them as well, I got very eager and inspired to use them as the main motif for this dress.)

We did two fittings before the actual dress was created, and after that we did another one to finalize the fit and other final details. The dress was made in its entirety with haute couture techniques and finishes, and with the highest quality fabrics. After many long nights, and huge amounts of love and work, the dress was finalized. It looked amazing in Ana; she brought it to life.





I think there’s no better feeling in the world than making someone feel special and overjoyed through something you created. Andrea Saieh

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