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23 Jun

“FPEverAfter” Bridal Collection

Freepeople recently launched their very first bridal collection “FPEverAfter” a collection that is full of spirit, energy and love. This collection consists of 15 timeless dresses exclusive by the brand designed specially to the “Boho-Bride”. Many people are hearing the term “Boho” lately; some people know an exact meaning others just assimilate this word with being “Hippie”. In my personal point of view, we all have our boho spirit inside; which it could be expressed in many different ways. What is a Boho-Bride? The non-traditional bride that lets her free spirit out and just loves to be herself; a bride that leaves tradition in the past and has her own style.

The entire collection brings tons of lace fabrics, embroidery and laser-cut pieces that will take your breath away. The details on each dress are well made and for a purpose. They create serenity and romanticism to each design. Take a look at the “FPEverAfter” and enjoy!





Credentials: photography: Olivia Malone // models: Hannah JirickovaChris DavisCarola RemerChris Brown // set design + props:Mallory Lawson // hair: Taylor Bond // makeup: Kali Kennedy // florals: Moon Canyon // cakes: Bramble Bakeshop

Paola Monroy